I’m sure that Laidback Luke needs no introduction! Ever since he began his career, he has accomplished many amazing things and has continued to impress his fans with his outstanding productions and more. Now, following on from the successful tracks he released in 2016, the music producer stuns once again with his latest single “XOXO”, which is a collaboration with Ralvero.

To celebrate this release, we’ve caught up with the mastermind for a chat about his highlights of the past year, about the new music he’s got in store and more. So, make sure that you don’t miss our exclusive interview! Enjoy!

  1. Hello, Luke. How are you today?

Hi there, I’m doing great thank you! I’m currently writing this for you in Las Vegas where I will be playing for #WynnNightlife tonight.

2. To start things off, can you tell us what were some of your highlights from the year that just passed?

I’ve had two major club bangers out last year. My collaboration with Afrojack and Hawkboy called ‘Move To The Sound’. My collab with Twoloud ‘Fcukin’ Beats’ did so well for my label! On a personal level, I cracked the fitness food code and managed to lower my fat percentage in a humain and liveable way.

3. And what were some of the most important lessons you learned in 2016?

The nutrition thing and trying to build a new physique were absolutely the biggest thing for me in 2016. In 2016 I learned to go more with the flow when it comes to stress and tough situations. Trying to inspire people more than judging them and that has been very productive.

4. I’ve seen that you’ve just released a single with Ralvero, „XOXO”. What is the meaning behind this track?

It’s an emotional track. The style is different than what you might have heard from me. But we’ve been releasing more radio stuff on my Mixmash label and it’s finally time for me to do something like that too. It’s emotional because all this world need right now is a hug and a kiss. We should focus on becoming more of a unity as people instead of living in fear.

5. Besides this new release, what else will you be working on this year?

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More releases! This year will be focussed more on a crossover sound. My big dream is to still once have a crossover mainstream radio track. The other plan for this year is to come with a new album as well.

6. Let’s also talk a bit about Mixmash Records. What should your fans expect from the label in the following months?

We have a lot of quality stuff on the way. Mixmash is always the label that introduces the next big newcomers and it’s looking really good for the following months.

7. From your point of view, who would be your one to watch in 2017 from Mixmash?

Jack Wins is going to be doing big things in 2017!

8. We know you are a busy artist. Can you tell us how a usual day in the life of Laidback Luke goes?

I made a VLOG about this called ‘What DJs do during the week’. You should check it out, it’s on my Youtube channel ‘Laidback Luke’ where I have a new VLOG up every single week. I shoot them and edit them myself so it gets super personal!

9. In the end, with a new year come new resolutions. What are some of the things you wish to accomplish, both in your career and personal life?

So I mentioned the crossover hit but there’s also the World Championships in Kung Fu I’m doing in Hong Kong in March. I’m currently prepping for it hard. Then there’s my black belt exam after the summer too which is huge for me. I’ve been getting ready for that for almost 17 years now and in our organisation it’s quite hard to achieve. But finishing that, will officially give me a master title.

10. Thank you for answering our questions.

It’s been my pleasure, thanks for having me!

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